Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Thanet to Sandwich via Canterbury

If you have any plans to drive a car to Sandwich from Thanet, Don't bother until after Christmas.

The roadworks between Cliffsend and Sandwich at Richborough power station are officially due to start monday (29/09/08) for 8 weeks, however nobody told the workmen. Work has started, chaos already reigns. Traffic is already queueing from the Lord of the manor roundabout, to get past the temporary lights at the power station. So the alternative is Ebbsfleet lane (between Minster and Cliffsend) except the whole lane was is currently a queue of traffic, also the lane will be closed from the 29th anyway for 8 weeks.

Other alternative is to go down the A253 towards Sarre, turn off for Plucks gutter, head for Wingham, when nearly at Wingham!!!! Turn off for Ash, head for Sandwich.

My advise is get the train.


Shell said...

Isn't it horrendous!!??!?
I was stuck in it for over an hour last night, and again this morning. I'm not looking forward to spending 2hrs a day in traffic for a journey that usually take 15mins!
I was expecting it to start on the 22nd; it's the Ebbsfleet part that doesn't start until the 29th I think.
It makes me so cross; we've just got over the road widening and now this! Goodness only knows how long it will last as every sign seems to state a different duration (8-23 weeks). It may actually be quicker to walk the 7miles to work!

shell said...

Just heard they're apparently removing the roadworks until they can figure out a way to do it without driving people insane!...not left work yet, so can't confirm this is true (lets hope so!)

Rear view mirror said...

Maybe you would let me know, I have another trip tomorrow morning. It took me 1 1/2 hours this morning!!!!!

shell said...

Can confirm they are gone (for now)...back to normal! :)

Anonymous said...

A horrendeous journey it took 2 hrs rather than the usual 30 minutes from Birchington to Deal

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what it is like now-I am going to deal from Birchington on sunday{via ebbsfleet)

Shell said...

I've just got the following update:

"As a result of a traffic management trial and site meeting held this morning, works on the highway for the Thanet Windfarm scheme that require temporary traffic signals will be prohibited by Kent Highway Services during peak hours 07:00hrs - 09:30hrs and 15:00hrs - 19:00hrs Monday - Friday (apart from an emergency).
Discussions are currently under way with the promoter and contractor as to how the works will now progress."

So good for peak time travellers M-F, but will probably need to leave a bit more time at other times.

Anonymous said...

ok-thanks for that.