Thursday, 4 September 2008

The sweet smell of successful licencing.

That's it I have had enough, all Rugby players leaving Indian restaurants are now banned from my taxi!

I am going to start a campaign to ban smelly and loud flatulence from taxi's. I will start by lobbying the council licencing officer to get the above sign made compulsory. The next step would be for the Council licencing officers to have the power, to issue on the spot fines for all offenders.

As the council licencing officers have already enjoyed much success in applying the smoking ban, I am sure they will relish the opportunity to have their noses up the taxi driver's customers behinds.


The Great Daktari said...

There's nothing more disgusting than seeing a nice young lady monged out of her brain on booze with garlice sauce around her mouth!

At least I think that's what it is!

Rear view mirror said...

Personally I think you are lucky to have seen a nice young lady. I certainly pick very few up in my cab, they are certainly a rare species in Planet Fanet.

twat spotter said...

Pair of twats.