Saturday, 30 August 2008

Blushing brides

I'm hoping that I have not upset the local blogging community too much, as I am rather in need of some help. Despite repeatedly joining and sending 'please help' E-mails, my humble blog just will not be added to the Thanet blog list. It could be that it is not worthy of a prized place, however until it is publicized and commented upon, it probably will not improve.

This weeks post is a an observation I have made over the marriage season (mainly the summer months), where the sight of blushing brides and vintage Rollers are common. It should also be noted a very good time for taxi drivers, as Aunt Mable has her twice yearly sherry (the other time being Christmas), and leaves her car at the wedding reception. Anyway back to my point-infidelity.

Maybe its the heady mix of posh frocks and suits, perfume and aftershave combined with the consumption of vast amounts of alcohol, that makes the best man fair game for the bridesmaid and the grooms mother for the usher. It is possible the marriage ceremony it self invokes memories of foot loose times before committing to our partners, which in turn leads to the urge to act upon, rather than dream about our lustful thoughts.

The results of these primeval urges can be viewed across the isle most summer weekends, with the taxi driver being an unwitting alibi, witness and collaborator. The evidence normally involves blood, broken bones, tears (normally the bride), and no doubt divorce proceedings for the guilty parties.

So if your middle aged husband goes to a nightclub after the reception with the young ushers, I suggest you check where the chief bridesmaid is. Watch your best friends hands closely as she slow dances with your newly wedded husband in his kilt. Keep everybody away from the brides mother, when she starts her second bottle of wine. It is normally the taxi driver who listens to the latest tale of woe, when the celebrations cease to be celebrations!

Sad- The amount of pre-teen children walking and cycling the streets after midnight in Thanet.

Funny:- The amount of so called adults staggering and crawling the streets after midnight in Thanet.


Matt B said...

Patients is a vertue with the blog list curently. I understand that the guy who runs it has a lot on his plate currently and is not so closely involved with the blogging world of Thanet as he once was. That said one or two of us have clearly noticed you are here and I amssuming this is a good thing.

Michael Child said...

Don’t worry it took mine a couple of weeks to appear after I emailed him.

Peter Checksfield said...

He hasn't added my new (week old) blog yet, however I'VE added you & 20-odd other Thanet bloggers (including Matt & Michael) to my site:

Matt B said...

You should also find that you are indexed in under "Thanet blogs".

tony flaig bignews said...

Don't worry I've been excluded

Rear view mirror said...

I don't feel so victimised now, many thanks for your advise. Hopefully you are all on my blog list now.