Sunday, 7 September 2008

Westcliff Dick

With David Green and ECR doing such a wonderful job cleansing the Eastcliff of the undesirables and miscreant chav element of Ramsgate, a question springs to mind, where have they all gone?

Well I believe I have the answer. Not Australia (unfortunately) or Afghanistan, not even Margate (due to potential turf wars), they have relocated to another part of Ramsgate. Taxi driver has recently observed during his many hundreds of miles a week around Ramsgate, a mass migration of Ramsgates finest citizens upon the unsuspecting residents of the Westcliff! From drunks on the old motor museum terrace to large gangs of feral youths hanging about Government Acre, perverts frequenting the sunken public toilets and selfish dog owners leaving Fido's mess on the clifftop.

So if the Eastcliff has DG and ECR as its champions, who will step into the role of the Westcliff's champion? I may be wrong, but I cannot see anybody currently who has stepped up to the plate, where is Westcliff Dick?

Sad:- Watching the end of the summer weather that never began.

Funny:- Watching 50 smokers fit under 1 umbrella, in the sodden Ramsgate, Cafe Culture bars.


Matt B said...

It seems that Thanet blogging has grown tot he point that some very specific niches are available. Now all we need is someone with the will to blog and the wit to notice the need ...

cock spotter said...

Westcliff Cock, more like!