Saturday, 13 September 2008

Only 100 days to go.

A very quiet week on the taxi's. It makes me wonder with Christmas (sorry for mentioning it) being thrust down our throats by the supermarkets already, how much the 'credit crunch', 'recession' or temporary economic blip (depending on your view) will affect us all, leading up to the season of goodwill to all men (including councillors).

Poor economic conditions or not the kids are writing their letters to Santa. The youngest at Taxi drivers abode, says ' you have to send it early, so Santa can save up'. Oh to be that naive again! Mrs Taxi driver is starting to get stressed that this years top toys will already be sold out, surely she has worked out by now that it is now a seasonal tradition that you have to wait until Xmas eve, to see if you can get little Jonny the latest all singing red (must be red) Dalek, that of course 'all his friends will have'.
My guess is many people will struggle this winter with bills, mortgages and the like, but come Christmas the majority of us will have coped ( we are very resilient, us humans) and we will be hoping the New Year brings a change in fortune.

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