Saturday, 20 September 2008

Do they take us for fuels!

Obviously the price of fuel is a major concern to me, with prices rising by approx a third over the last nine months it is hitting taxi driver hard (where it hurts most, the pocket).
At this point I could start raving about the amount of money which is taken for tax in each litre I buy, but the government didn't rub it in, they froze the planned tax increases. The major fuel suppliers seem to be squeaky clean, after all it has been well documented that the price of crude oil has rocketed. So who can I take my frustration out on?
Well the major forecourt company's have come to my rescue. Much to my joy, the national press have been highlighting the fall in crude oil prices. Having seen how quickly the price increases were added, surely this week would see at least a three pence a litre decrease on the forecourts. Ok my naivety is here for all to see.
Anyway the most cynical marketing ploy is awarded to the garage on the A28 at Birchington. The price here for diesel over the last couple of weeks has been £1 24.9 a litre (and to be fair this is the national average). So with all the hype over falling pump prices, imagine my surprise when on Thursday I see they have increased the price to £1 26.9. Slightly miffed, I drove past and filled up at Whitstable at £1 22.9 (this price has been the same for at least two weeks). Then on Friday the price decrease arrived at Birchington, Yes the much reported three pence decrease to £1 23.9.
Do the fuel giants really believe Joe Bloggs public are that fuelish, that they will not notice their blatant profiteering. With Tesco's trying to recuperate it's losses over the dodgy petrol scandal, there appears very little drive for price competition at the pumps in the south. So I guess my pocketss will be hurting for a while yet.

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