Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Then and now

It appears that some of Thanet's blogging community are beginning to show their true colours.

Maciegrace the staunch defender of Margate, has admitted that she finds its population rude and ill mannered.

Rick is getting praise for his Sherlock Holmes impersonation, although there is still passionate pleas for 'brevity' in his chronicles.

Matt of the Thanet Star is not actually a blogger, but a highly paid salesperson for that small corporation Google.

The hypocrite Taxi driver, accusing bloggers of promoting issues like Chinagate above more important issues. Then posting on Chinagate, thus getting more comments than on any other previous post.

ECR our resident Plane spotting, council bashing, defender of the Eastcliff in Ramsgate has spat his dummy out of the pram (if you are prepared to dish it out, be prepared to accept it).

However if you are looking for consistency type 'naked Thanet' or 'aquifer Thanet' into google and our very own Peter and Michael are in the top 5 (varies) results.


Rick said...


tony flaig bignews said...

Blimey no mention! I'm gutted!

Matt B said...

Oh gosh, you've done it now you forgotten Tony.

I wash I was as highly paid as a Google employee - those guys are on serious daily money.

Eastcliff Richard said...

My dummy is now back in and I've returned full time to playing with my rattle again. Thanks for the mench!